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Looking for high-quality halal frozen chicken manufacturers for your business? Look no further. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large retailer, Don’t waste any more time searching for manufacturers – let us help you find the best halal frozen chicken for your business today!

We Offer Premium Quality approved frozen chicken meat to over 92 countries worldwide. Our factory is based in Brazil and certified Halal and SGS approved.

Contact us for the best competitive bulk prices.Contact us for  Chicken feets, Paws, whole Chicken, Chicken Drumstick, Chicken Wings, Chicken Breast and other chicken cuts. Grade A Quality. Shipping Worldwide. Halal Certified brand: Frozen whole Chicken, Chicken Breast IQF, Chicken Leg Quarters all available. 

frozen whole chicken for sale
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Noal Livestock Export

Brazilian frozen chicken feet for sale & Halal Certified

Frozen chicken feet for sale from Halal certified exporter. Our chickens are slaughtered by Muslims by hand, in accordance with Halal Chicken laws guidelines. We maintain a strict adherence with all humane animal treatment and slaughter requirements.

Frozen Chicken Parts for sale. We supply Halal Halal Frozen Chicken Parts like frozen chicken feet for sale, Frozen Beef and Frozen Goat of Grade A quality. Contact Us 24/7. Wholesaler of Frozen Chicken Parts – Frozen Boneless Chicken Breast, Frozen Boneless Chicken Thigh, Frozen Chicken Drumstick and Frozen Chicken Leg offered.

Being among the leading frozen whole chicken exporters in Brazil, We are Dedicated in sourcing organic farm raised chicken meat to supply the growing demand for halal frozen whole chicken. Offering a wide range of halal chicken products, including whole chicken, chicken parts, and processed chicken products. We export to over 92 countries globally. Being HALAL-certified we guarantee the freshest frozen whole chicken prepared and processed according to Islamic dietary laws and regulations. Working with us guarantee you get just the when looking for frozen whole chicken suppliers.

Halal Frozen Chicken Parts

How we Package Our Frozen Chicken For Export | Frozen Chicken feet for sale

Frozen chicken for export is typically packed in various sizes and formats to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Common packaging options includea:

  • Bulk Packaging: Large quantities of frozen chicken for export maybe packed in bulk in containers or pallets. This is common for wholesale and commercial shipments.

  • Cartons: Frozen chicken are often packed in cartons of various sizes, such as 10 kg, 20 kg, or 40 lb cartons, depending on regional preferences and regulations.

  • Individual Portions: Some exports may involve individually portioned chicken cuts, such as boneless, skinless chicken breasts, packed in vacuum-sealed bags.

  • Combo Packs: Exported chicken products can also be packed in combo packs that include a variety of cuts and pieces, catering to different culinary preferences.

  • Custom Packaging: custom packaging solutions may be offered to meet the specific needs of clients or to comply with import regulations in the destination country.

We have a warehouse and packaging unit that ensures that our products are safe from dust, moisture, and other contamination elements. We prioritize in cleanliness of the warehouse as it is extremely important about us. To ensure there is no risk of contamination, we use high-grade materials for packaging our agro products. Our products are certified and we also have a highly experienced workforce in the packing and repacking of products employed in our packing stations.

Qualities of Halal Frozen Chicken Suppliers

As a leading halal frozen poultry supplier with over 30 years of export experience, we provide wholesale buyers access to consistent supply of quality halal poultry at fierce pricing Below are our preeminent qualities in the market and why we are leading exporters of halal frozen chicken 

  • Individually hand slaughtered by experienced Muslim butchers 

  • 100% Feed on A herbivorous diet keeping them healthy

  • No stunning used prior to slaughter

  • Thoroughly drained after slaughter leaving the chicken completely blood free

  • Separately process from non halal chicken

  • Triple-checked at multiple stages for healthy halal chicken

  • Quickly frozen with minimal ice crystals to lock in freshness and quality

  • Our non-porous packaging maintains integrity and prevent freezer burn

  • Good sized with excellent ratio of meat to bone

  • Fair value market price

  • We accommodate custom cut preferences and packaging

  • Cage free raised in conducive  environment 

  • Approved verified halal certification  

  • Capacities to supply container loads

  • We handle export documentation, Customs clearance, Port handling and Refrigerated container loading 

  • On-time deliveries and smooth handling through every shipment.

Why Choose HALAL FROZEN Whole CHICKEN Suppliers | Noal Livestock Exporter

Valid halal certification
  • Valid halal certification from recognized authority

  • Chickens sourced directly from reputable farms raising chickens naturally cage-free without antibiotics or hormones

Food safety protocols
  • Processing facility that is sanitary, follows food safety protocols, and has halal procedures

  • Uses cold chain management to maintain ideal temperatures during transport and storage

  • Consistent inventory and reliable ordering/delivery to meet your supply needs

  • Secure, food-grade vacuum sealed packaging to keep chicken frozen and tasty

Good customer service
  • Responsive customer service and halal compliance support

  • Competitive pricing, with discounts for bulk orders

Excellent Quality
  • Rigorous food safety processes and testing for minimal contamination risk

  • Strong track record of food safety and quality assurance


What we tell and promise our clients follows with appropriate actions.Still wondering about considering us as your halal frozen whole chicken supplier? Just give us an opportunity and you will get the best results.

Our Purpose

Halal frozen Whole chicken Meal in every home is our top priority

Treat your family to a home-cooked meal with our premium whole frozen chickens. As leading whole frozen chicken suppliers, our farms specially raise these chickens on a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics ever to produce a tender, juicy meat. Each chicken is fed an all-natural diet of corn, soybean meal, vitamins, and minerals to reach the ideal weight and flavor.

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